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Myconid Canyon (WIP-1st texture pass)

Hi all!

this is actually the 2nd project i'm starting for this tutorial but the first time i got so carried away that i didn;t even think to stop and record my progress for (Jonas: if you check these postings, i have to say that you have created one of they most useful tutorials i have come across. thank you man. i have checked out your gallery and have nothing else to say other than thank you for sharing your're awesome)

For reference i have attached the final image of the "1st" project and the chosen thumbnail inset in the lower left corner.

THIS time around i am going to document each step of the 2nd project as i go (1st project was a juxtaposition of a fey forest environment that was composed granite/stone instead of trees).

So, 2nd project: for the broad landscape i am thinking desert canyons with the juxtaposition being a verdent lichen/brachen foliage environment with oversized bioluminescent bracket fungi jutting from the structures.

my next posts will refrence the "mood" for the second project, the thumbs i have come up with and, if you are willing, solicitation of your opinion.

So. didn't realise that you can create a run on post with skillshare....(blush)

posted below is the moodboard for the Myconid canyon project

and here are the 4 thumbs. Feedback is much appreciated. myself personally, i think i am drawn to the bottem left thumb.

Below are compiled ref boards for the canyon environment, the fungi structures and the lichen/bracken type foliage

So, i settled on the following thumbnail and proceeded wiht the rough block-in where i started to get in the shape language of the bracket fungi/canyon mesas.

still very rough at this stage but now the fun begins...

did a little more work on the shape language and desaturated the values a bit a dropped in a sky composite. now on with the texturing!!! 

I have completed the first texture pass. probably one more to go and then a paint over.


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