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MyPix2.Com - Landing Pages for Photo Personalization Products

I work on the marketing team for an online photo lab called MyPix2.Com (

We offer a variety of products - fine art photo prints, canvas photo prints, small photo prints etc. all online. People upload their digital photo to our site and design their print using a variety of tools (size, crop, photo editing, color, borders etc.). 

My Goals:

1. How to effectively communicate all the different things that makes us "better" than the competetion. We have better color, archival papers and inks, and an online design studio that gives customers a full preview of their print before there order. This really sets us apart but I have to figure out the right way to show/say all of that.

2. I create a number of different landing pages for different marketing channels. For example: Affiliate programs, re-targeting ads, social media ads and direct email campaings to our customer and potential customers. I want to better understand how I should set up each landing page to better communicate with each channel. For example - creating a lanidng page for a customer that has purchased before should be different than one for someone whose never ordered.

3. Most - actually all - of our landing pages include a special offer or discount. How do I weigh the importance of the discount, with the importance of all our other value props? What are people most interested in?

4. Most importantly - improve conversion. Get people to click through, use the discount provided and place an order.


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