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MyDocket - The ToDo List for your sparetime

The idea:

That movie you always wanted to watch, but when you are actually have time for it, you can't remember the name? That summer festival in your neighbourhood you really want to go to each year, but you are always to late to buy tickets? That restaurant your friend recommended you to check out, but you forgot the name? This great article your colleague send you, but you forgot reading it because you were too busy at work... and then forgot about it?

MyDocket is the place that helps you with all of those things - it's basically a To-Do list for your sparetime, without actually being a To-Do list... because who the hell really likes To-Do lists? Think of it more like a "Want to Do" list of things you don't want to forget and save for later. 

About the project/website:

Its crucial for me to have a very easy, user friendly design, because it needs to be super easy and convienent to add things to your personal MyDocket space. 

The name: Docket means To Do list, mostly used in the context of law - says:

a. A calendar of the cases awaiting action in a court.

b. A brief entry of the court proceedings in a legal case.

c. The book containing such entries.

Might be a bit misleading because it shouldn't be something "strict" as that, but for now I will proceed with that name and I think it's quite catchy. 

Concept -

  • Core to the user experience is a space at the top of the page that let's you add new dockets
  • in the future, it should be possible to add something to the docket by sending it to an email address (add "read" or "watch" to the title and then it will be added to your dockets)
  • there are some pre defined dockets like "movie", "event", "article" etc. (this needs some proper brainstorming :))
  • each docket can have a time attached to it (e.g. when it is an event), but does not need to
  • below the "adding bar" you can see all the dockets you have on a neatly designed page in different sections (with recommendation for today: go to this restaurant you added ... etc.)
  • a lot more to think about...

Let me know if you find the idea useful and if you have any suggestions! I am off coding for now... ;)


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