Sacil Armstrong

Mindful Art Maker & CZT




I started using Instagram just to share pictures of my creative play. I have since started a small business, My Creative Mischief, and now I need to make my feed more cohesive.

Goals: As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I teach people to use abstract art as a mindfulness activity. I just opened an Etsy shop and I also have a redbubble account to sell my patterns. 

  1. Promote items in my Etsy shop and on redbubble
  2. Promote my online classes
  3. Show how I create my art (I've noticed I get more likes for collage photos that show steps for a project)
  4. Increase my followers from about 300 to 1,000 by this fall
  5. Increase engagement with my followers to get more comments and likes

Inspiration - top five markets or categories: 

  1. Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art
  2. Mandalas
  3. Clay work
  4. My Zentangle classes 
  5. Random arts & crafts activities


For this photo: PhotoDirector (free version of retouch app for android), Snapseed to add the frame and Font Studio to add my business name. Because what I photograph can range from a black and white line drawing for a coloring page to a piece of pottery or a tangled purse, I'm thinking that having a series of 3 or 4 frames will help tie my feed together. Any feeling about this one way or the other?


This is a coloring page I just completed for a local magazine.I used PhotoDirector to brighten the image and remove a spot on the bottom of the photo. I tried using Snapseed's heal tool to do it, but it just blurred the spot and I couldn't change the size of the brush. I used a frame from Snapseed and Font Studio for my business name again. It looks brighter on my phone.


This is a freehand mandala work in progress. This actually looks better on my phone than it does here. I've decided I like the auto correct for brightness on my phone's photo editor than any of the other tools. I know PhotoDirector has a way of editing just one color, but I couldn't find it. When I'm done with this I want to brighten the white areas. The actual paper is a cream/offwhite color. Again, I used Snapseed for the frame and Font Studio for the name.


So will the frames help pull my feed images together or are they goofy? I'll post what my feed looks like once I have a few more to show.

Old Feed without the borders


New feed with borders and filters


I'm slowly getting more followers, still experimenting with hashtags and filters, but I think my feed looks much better. I don't create something post worthy every day but I'm figuring out how to prep several photos and just post them periodically instead of all at one time. A couple of people have asked me to start including sayings in my feed since I share them with my friend and students already. I didn't realize how much people appreciated them, so I will be adding that as a new feature. I found an article online that said they Instagram filter could make a difference in the number of likes, so I've activated the ones they said were most popular and I'm experimenting.


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