My zine - my cat family

My zine - my cat family - student project

I decided to create a zine about our cats - we've got a lot of them, enough to fill the 6 inside pages!! 


I thought I would just make a nice little presentation of our 6 cats, highlighting their personality traits and story, along with their portrait.


Here is the first side unfolded:

My zine - my cat family - image 1 - student project


An example of one the pages:

My zine - my cat family - image 2 - student project


And the front cover:

My zine - my cat family - image 3 - student project


It was also interesting to be "forced" to use black only, as I'm used to colouring almost all my drawings, and almost never use markers, so that was a nice change. I decided however to use a golden marker too, just to be able to render my cats' colourful hair - I thought it wouldn't really matter to use golden after all as I'm not planning to photocopy and distribute my zine, I just made it for me and my family. (Sorry this is all in French!)


Then, for the inside, I drew a map of my house, garden and immediate neighbourhood, indicating where to find each one of our cats, like a treasure map! 

My zine - my cat family - image 4 - student project


Thanks Kate for the fun class!