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My year exploring the Cleveland Metroparks


I just moved back to my hometown of Cleveland, and one thing my husband and I vowed to do was explore the Metroparks. Spaning over  21,000 acres, this series of parks is dubbed the Emerald Necklack because it creates almost total half loop of green space around the city.

So with this infographic, what I'd like to do is plan my year of exploring all 18 of the reservations + the zoo. I will use the map as a base, and try to connect each activity icon (biking, canoeing, arts, archery, etc.) to make a full year.

Not sure how this is going to work quite yet, but I love the idea and want to complete it so I do all of these activities within one year!

I've started collecting data some as specific dates/some very general just by month. It still needs lots more filled in, but here's a start:

Haven't been spending too much time sketching. Its been hard for me to figure out how to show 3 sets of data (date, type of activity, location) onto a non-linear background (the map). I obviously like the idea that the parks are called the emerald necklace, so using a lot of green, and the texture of an emerald.

Here's a start with some of the info included...


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