My writing goals for 2019

My writing goals for 2019 - student project

#1: What are you trying to accomplish with your writing? 

 The primary thing I want to accomplish with my writing is creating a passive revenue stream. I see my writing components as assets that will pay me both now and in the future. Each asset (book, blog post, etc.) is like another brick that adds to my overall financial security.  


#2: What did and did not work well in the past year? 

 This past year was a really difficult one for me. Due to some health challenges, I lacked energy to get things done, and it showed up in things such as my overall income, site traffic, and so on. One thing that did work well is that my Skillshare classes that are based on repurposed book content continued to bring in passive income. I also completed three books (one to be published early next year). Books published in the past continue to bring in income each month.  


#3: What type of writing will you do?  

 My primary focus will be books. My goal is to publish four books in the coming year. I also plan to repurpose some of the content I've already written into scripts for Skillshare classes. I see books and classes as my primary focus.  


#4: What's your budget? 

 In terms of time, I plan to devote four to six hours per day to writing and class creation. Regarding money, as a solopreneur, I run a pretty tight ship, but I do plan on hiring out book editing work and graphic design for things like book covers. I'm still negotiating costs, but overall plan to spend around $500 per month.  

 #5: What one thing needs to happen to consider the year a success? 

 For me, the biggest measure of success will be based on being able to max out the contributions to my retirement accounts. 

Rebecca Livermore
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