My workspace

My workspace - student project



What a great class! Thank you so much Tom for guiding us through your own process! It was really helpful for me as I'm really messy with my process and sketching.


First some sketches of avocado trees, which feels like a small forests next to me. :) My workspace - image 1 - student project


I love to sorround myself with plants, so I decided to go with landscape aspect ratio to show these small nature around me.
Well my sketches are really rough since I draw digitally, but first I always draw roughs sketches on paper. (I just imagined myself there and draw a quick lazy sketch and I forgot to draw my legs. :D) 

My workspace - image 2 - student projectHere is how it looks from memory. I also draw the small cabinet with some stilization. It was a great challenge baceuse it looks so messy and I love to stilize the objects as much as possible in my compositions.


My workspace - image 3 - student project

And here is a picture of me later the evening, and the refined sketch.
This is a real quearantine workplace, with all the plants and me and my colourful pijamas (which I only use for working in the day from home:))

My workspace - image 4 - student project

And the final artwork! I really enjoyed putting all these colours and elements together. I was always afraid of drawing a character into an environment and making backgrounds because its much harder to keep the harmony of the picture.

I'm struggling a lot with textures, I love them so much, but also love flat colourful shapes, and I love lines too. I really love bauhaus and minimalistic style but I love patterns and folk art too! The goal is always to express positive vibes and playfulness in my work. 
In this piece I tried to put together all the visual elements I love and it's turned out better than I expected.:D

This class helped me a lot how to organize a whole composition and keep the harmony with colours. I still have to practice a lot but it was fun to create this piece. I'd be happy to receive feedback from all of you who reached until this part of my process!:)
Thank you Tom again for this great class!


My workspace - image 5 - student project

Have a great day to everyone,