My wonder Chamber

So for this project I wanted to do a kind of poster for a new clothing store in Antwerp called "my wonderchamber". Ever since it opened up i had this idea of a big smilling sumo guy holding op a piece of cloth with My wonder chamber on it. Since there are a lot of japanese influence in this class project I wanted to realise it.

Im currently still sketching, trying out some detailing and deciding what elements I am going to include.



had to tell myself to stop sketching because i could be making ones for ever. I am a bit afraid that I am going a bit to complicated for a first time illustration of this kind. I've taken a better liking to vectoing though and time flies by. Slowly figuring out how to put in more detail. I like how my round head contrasts with the nose.


It's been a while. I have been bussy moving to another country but yesterday I mannaged to click some things around. Still tracing drawings. I will have to look at some more of Stuborn Sideburns work to see how they pull it all together. Cant wait to be able to add color. 



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