My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - student project

Discovering my creative DNA through Andy's class was such a fun and eye opening experience! I never realized how many connections there are between my past and present interests/inspirations, and how prevalent those themes are in my work.

(My Pinterest boards)

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 1 - student project

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 2 - student project


Looking at images that inspired me in the past/inspire me now, I can see two dominant genres (comedy and horror) and multiple recurring themes (comical hyper masculinity, dark humor, 90s aesthetic, escapism, cartoony, defined characters...) that I had never identified before. 

By looking at random projects from the past, I can see how much my creative DNA went into my work without even realizing it.

 My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 3 - student project

I can clearly see what was inspired by the dark Goosebumps/Blade/Venom part of my brain, the cartoony Archie Comics/Nickelodeon/Blink 182 part of my brain, and where the two meet in the weird, funny, stupid Ween/Mr. Bungle/Daniel Clowes part of my brain. 

By gaining a better understanding of my creative DNA, I feel a lot more confident and focused in what my artistic voice is and how to show it in my work.

Can't wait to finish the rest of the exercises and wrap things up with my very own style guide!


UPDATE: 09/15/20

After reviewing my boards and taking note on what inspires me, I decided to focus in on horror illustrations for my style guide. Based on my Taste and Experiments I can see that I'm drawn to:

-Detailed line work

-Sharp fangs/claws


-Big facial expressions

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 4 - student project

(left Experiments, right Taste)

These traits, along with my love of character profiles in my more comedic work, has lead me to the first character for my Horror Illustration Style Guide!

 My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 5 - student project


UPDATE: 09/17/20

Created two more sketches for my Style Guide. Going to keep making progress and will post the final collection when it's complete!

One interesting thing to note is I came into this project thinking I would be focusing on goofy human characters, but while putting together my Taste boards I realized I'm MUCH more interested in horror characters. I haven't felt this excited about making art in a long time, and it's all thanks to this class!

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 6 - student project


UPDATE: 10/05/20

After weeks of experimenting, I have finally completed my style guide! Huge shout out to Andy for the inspiration!! If you would like to keep up with my newly resurfaced passion for drawing (thanks to this class) check out my new artwork Instagram: @nj_creepshow

My (weird, funny, stupid) Creative DNA - image 7 - student project

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