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Rachel Perebooms

Letterer, Illustrator + Graphic Designer



My vintage Hand-Lettering project, starting today

Hi there, I'm Rachel. I just discovered Skillshare and I picked this project to start with.
I still have lots to figure out around here, so I hope I will make the deadline on this project
but if not, I still have learned a lot from you. So that's ok!

Anyway I'm Rachel, I live in the Netherlands in a small cute house (with lots to fix) with my husband and cat, in a very tiny village. I have my own graphic design studio, but also design my own products that I sell. This is how I hope to spread happiness and positive attitute and some imo nice illustrations and designs.

I'm still thinking about this project and what precisely to design because I would love to use it eventually for my products. I'm thinking of designing a wrapper to hold two notebooks together for selling purposes. Or maybe a poster illustration.

I'll come back to you soon with more ideas and perhaps a beginning some sketches.

See you!


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