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My very first draping experiment.

I'm calling this my "gardening" dress due to the flowers and mish mash of fabrics.  I just used various fabric scraps I had lying around and came up with this design.  I wanted to try a yoke on the skirt but the sides seams didn't match up (should have been more careful) but I wasn't too concerned since this was just going to be "an experiment in draping".  The pockets were an afterthought to cover the funky unmatched seams, and the shape of them because that was all the fabric I had left of that pattern.  So considering I have never done draping before I was fairly happy with the way it turned out and I at least grasped the concept.  Initially I was going to put the darts on the outside of the bodice as Anya suggested but then changed my mind and put them inside.  Oh, and when I had it sewn together I realized I had no clue as to how to finish the armholes but eventually figured out I needed neck and armhole facing.  Next time I know to cut the facings from the pattern before sewing the dress together.  I had a lot of fun doing this and can't wait to try a different design.






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