My veggie cookbook

My veggie cookbook - student project

Here are some exercises along the way and the final cookbook cover at the end. 

An initial doodle:

My veggie cookbook - image 1 - student project
A composition of basic elements:
My veggie cookbook - image 2 - student project
My lunch in various perspectives through a rectangular viewfinder (squash, Brussels sprouts, and quinoa):
My veggie cookbook - image 3 - student project
Some thumbnails for a cookbook cover called "No remorse veggies" or "Veggies with no remorse".
My veggie cookbook - image 4 - student project
I tried to develop the top-middle thumbnail with this yellow design. Some things just don’t work out. Maybe a better font or hand-drawn lettering could help. Something about the colors and proportions also don’t satisfy me. In other words, nothing was coming together, so I moved on.
My veggie cookbook - image 5 - student project
I decided to work on the top-left thumbnail, and I’m much happier with the result.  Here’s the final layout:

My veggie cookbook - image 6 - student project

Tom Brinck
UX Designer, Budding Illustrator