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My usual work day

Hello everyone,

I do some activities in parallel, and there's others I don't do every day, so here's my best attempt (so far) at describing my usual work day in a chronological list:

1. wake up
2. take shower
3. get dressed
4. have breakfast
5. brush teeth
6. go to work
7. read/write email or 8. read scientific work or 9. write code or 10. attend meetings
while 11. listen to music and 12. chat with friends
13. lunch
repeat 7.-12.
14. go to aikido training [optional] 
15. cook/eat dinner with friends [optional]
16. knit/sew or 17. draw/paint or 18. play computer games while 10. and 11.
19. call family
repeat 5
20. go to bed

No fancy sketches of photos yet, but that's what I suppose I should do next, right? ;-)


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