My understanding of mindfulness (24/05/2021)



My understanding of mindfulness is basically slowly, as you practice more and more, becoming more aware of what you're feeling while doing something or meditating. Being in the moment, being present. Living in the moment. Realizing that the past cannot be changed and there is no point in stressing about it. What you can do with your past is learn from it and access it when you see there is clearly a problem in your day to day life.


For example if you have some kind of trauma, with mindfulness meditation I think you slowly peel the layers of that EGO(personality) that you have and heal yourself. Without judgement, without no negative feelings. Just observing the thought. IDK! WE'LL SEE.


By practicing mindfulness you will learn to not react to the thoughts that arise but rather just observe them. They are not you. That's our ego. I have no clear understanding of what ego is but let's put it in a way that it's basically "your personality" and your "personality" is basically loads of your past. All of the past memories, moments that are all gathered together you think is you/"your personality". But in reality, (idk how, but i want to learn more about it) it's not. 


By practicing mindfulness you can separate the ego and your BEING/higher self. Have not experienced my higher self yet, I really want to tho. 


For me personally I have the Medito app as Hamza said it's his previous favorite app (now it's OAK) installed and I'm doing the 30 day challenge for meditation (I'm on day 10, consistent, but that does not matter ^_^) (and why it does not matter is beacuse, you're not here to sit around and be like, ah yes i meditate for 293 days and been consistent, no. What you need to actually be doing is to implement that in your life so that it becomes a habit. Not clear on exactly what I meant but you get me, to basically get the effect and not pointlessly count the days, lol im bad, i will get better trust me).


This is getting a little bit spiritual and I think that's ok. but

you're neither the body nor the mind. I am far away from knowing what that actually means but I somehow can understand it, because I believe there is a higher dimension, that we can all access with yoga and meditation.


That's for now, as you can see, I am a little bit confused but don't get it twisted, I'm on my way and journey to master all of that. 


That's it from me, that's my short essay on steroids. 





What I learnt something new from this mindfulness course is that we should keep learning. Hamza's advice is really really good and you guys (including me) should follow that you should stay a student for life and keep on learning about mindfulness through every source you can (that goes for everything YOU want to learn about, of course, not only meditations and mindfulness). Who knew spiritual instagram pages could be so enlightening sometimes? Twitter quotes n stuff? Reddit posts about experiences? It's all in the pool of information. Social Media should be a tool y'all. Use it to your advantage. Matter fact imma create a new insta page just for this and follow hashtags about raising the consciousness and learning about mindfulness more & some other stuff like that. It's not that simple, and that's the beauty of it, because once you know the fundamentals and stuff like that, know what works best for you, use meditation and mindfulness to your advantage, and who knows maybe even experience some stuff on a whole another level! 


I'm sticking to a journey like this.


Thank you Hamza <3