My two moneymaking methods

Choice One: Direct Client Work.

I am very good communicating with others. I have a strong customer service background and genuinely believe in building a personal connection with a client first to do business right. I personally like to explore new local businesses. I rarely go to chain restaurants and I am a believer of small, local businesses. It would be a mutual relationship in which I help the business grow and get advertised and for me to gain network connections and personal enjoyment in getting to know these small businesses. 


Choice Two: Travel Blogging.

Why else would I be taking a course in becoming a travel photographer? haha. I would absolutely love to travel. Like mentioned before I like to explore and would not limit myself to my immediate surroundings. The world is huge and life too short to see it all so I would like to see as much as possible while capturing every moment with my camera. I also think I have fairly good grammar and writing skills. I don't particularly enjoy the process of writing. But I do find that if the topic is of my interest, the words just flow out. Therefore, I can truly see myself doing travel blogging.