My trip to Iceland

Last year when i turned 40 i took a trip to Iceland all on my own.  I thought making this map would be a great way to commemorate this trip.  I'm also a graphic design student and i decided to get two birds with one stone and use this for a school project.  unfortunetly, i had to make it in french but i will most likely change a few things and convert it to english when i have a bit more time after school is finished.  

i just want to say that i absolutely LOVED Tom's class and would recommend it to anyone interested in making maps.  I'm planning on checking out his other classes!

here are the starting sketches:


I started off with the flag colors which are blue, red and white.  But like Tom i thought the red was too flash so toned it down.  68053ac0

then when i got to the point of finishing it up to insert in the pamphlet i was designing this lovely shade of blue really didn't work so i changed that too.  i love the new color, i think it's way better. 




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