Monika Kanokova

Community & Content Strategist



My three websites

I’ve spent some time writing down all the keyword and projects I’d like to display on my websites and came to the conclusion I needed three websites to give everything the space it deserves. My plan is as follows: : I’m planning to turn this page into a personal page. I’ll link to the articles I’ve written, the conferences I’ve spoken at. This will be my little online place that will look more like a business card than anything else. : Those who know me know I fell rather unexpectedly into publishing, and up until today, I’ve used this domain name as landing pages for my books. I never had big plans with this online place of mine, but now (and this is a risky move) I’ll turn this into an agency website where I’ll offer consulting services to hotels and restaurants. : This will be a community-driven place and somewhere to showcase my publishing work. It’s targeted at freelancers.

I met a photographer to get some photos for the personal website last weekend! Cannot wait to share them with you soon! Still waiting for the edits :) 


3rd of October, this took much longer than expected but the website's now LIVE! YAY! 


2nd of September, the website's now live! YAY! 




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