My three colour illustrations


Okay here's my project that I did on ProCreate XD I chose Relaxing, Fun and somber as my themes. 

My three colour illustrations - image 1 - student project

I definitely had a lot of fun doing these illustrations and making the colour palettes. 

This project got me thinking about how different colours made me feel different things. For me, relaxing is blue and greens, very soothing colours. Fun was more lively colours, more exciting and bright, so I went with pinkish reds to yellows. 

For somber I went with more purple-ish colours and made them a lot darker and muted. Add a bit dull yellow to offset the purple, which I think worked well. 

My three colour illustrations - image 2 - student project

Thanks for doing this class, I learnt so much, and I'm definitely going to use what I learnt in my art from now on XD