My thoughts on AI

My thoughts on AI - student project

Honestly, not that much has changed. I knew a few things about AI before, though it was interesting to see that the dream of creating artificial intelligence is actually ancient, as I thought it was reasonably modern.

I know that we are still far away from creating anything like Skynet in the Terminator franchise, but AI is starting to have more and more applications. And, living in China, I've seen some already rather disturbing ones. Here, city streets are blanketed with surveillance cameras, admittedly using facial recognition and AI, ensuring that the state knows where everyone is, all the time. While there certainly are good applications of AI, and it can help reduce a lot of mundane work, there are also some disturbing and downright dystopian things it can be used for. Even with the technology level we have today.

That's my take on it, thank you for reading!

Gunnar Ryrholm
Speaker, Singer, Linguist, Teacher