My test run overseas

My test run overseas  - student project

Every time I try to do a control S for the screen shot it only wants to save it as a web page and not as a jpg so please excuse the mess. But it is the general run down of any fb ad. The numbers weren't exactly as I would have thought. Maybe knowing the time difference from here in the usa to those countries might have helped. All in all though I am highly impressed with your knowledge and will continue to run ads in those countries. Thank you. 

You are targeting men and women, ages 20 - 65+ who live in 15 locations and have 5 interests.Location: Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Chile, Algeria, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Poland, Thailand, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago or Venezuela Interests: Montana, Beautiful natural Scenery, Landscape photography, Black and white ' or PhotographyFriends of connections: Friends of people who are connected to Kcaptureit4u StudiosAge: 20 - 65+Language: English (US)Hide full summaryThis promotion will run continuously.Your daily budget for this promotion is $3.00.17Engagements287People Reached$3.00Total Spend

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