My talking head project

My talking head project - student project

It was such a problem for me to start filming myself. I usually hate it but I'm now having fun even if it's still stressful.

We don't have much sun in our region and usually there is no much light in the rooms where I'm filming in my house, so it's a problem and I have to wait some days sometimes to start filming or do it in the existing conditions as I can.

In one of my latest videos Golubtsy class I seized the opportunity and started filming when there was sunand much light. It was coming from the left and even if I have a curtain on my window you can still see shades on my face. This sunny weather didn't last and you can see lights slowly going down be the end of shooting.

I'll try to use all your tips in my next intro that I hope I'll start soon and will try to improve it.I'll update my project at this moment to show you the results.

Thank you again for this useful and funny class!

P.S.: Elena, as promised, here is the update to my project with a new talking head intro of my new class. I think it's much better this time, even if there are always thing that we can improve. Thank you again for this great class ;)

Eléna Leprêtre
Crochet Designer&Teacher& Food Lover