My sultry nighttime eye!

My sultry nighttime eye! - student project

My sultry nighttime eye! - image 1 - student project

Hello. My name is Ruby and I'm a stay at home mother who loves makeup and hopefully become a makeup aritist when my kids go to school. The most important product I used was an eyeshadow primer first. I used 4 shades of purple working it from light to dark. I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pack on the lightest purple shade all over, just up to my crease. I used the same brush for the 2nd purple shade, and lightly pat from mid eyelid to outer corner, going a tiny bit above my crease. Using a blending brush for the third color, I brushed along my crease and to also blend with the previous 2 colors. I then used a pencil brush for the darkest puple shade for my outer corner, making a v shape. I lightly patted the color on and then went back with the blending brush to blend any sharp edges. With the same pencil brush I used the darkest purple shadow for my bottom lash line and used a nude color eyeliner in my bottom waterline. I used a pearl color eyeshadow and  a pencil brush to  place a small amount of color to my inner eyelids to make my eyes pop. I used black liquid eyeliner and winged it out. I used lots of mascra and I put a few individual false lashes on. There you go... my SULTRY look!