My story of self _how I overcame my fear


On my last day in Aspen, Colorado, I decided to take Gondola ride to go to the top of Aspen mountains. I wanted to spend few hours on the peak to drink coffee, read a good book and enjoy the beauty of this county from above. Moreover, I haven’t tried Gondola ride before, so this would be my new experience. I was really excited with the plan.


After giving the tickets to a security guy, I felt happy to have my own room during the ride. From now on I could take selfie or pictures anytime without worrying about the look of others.


When the gondola started running up, I started feeling scared right after that. This gondola was above the ground, and I was in a small circle lift, alone, in the air. In addition, I couldn’t go out of it until I finished the ride. My hands and feet were sweating. I could hear the beat of my heart and many negative thoughts from nowhere appeared vividly in my mind. What if this gondola was broken? Why it didn’t have seat belts? How would I deal with bad situations?....The higher the gondola went, the more thinking I had.


The ride took longer than I thought. I didn’t know when it would stop, but I started feeling sick with my negative thinking, so I talked to myself: “Be calm. It will finish soon. Nothing bad could happen. Just focus on breathing and look at the beauty around. After few minutes, my breaths became calmer and my thoughts also became quieter. Although I sat still on the chair without moving my body, I dared to look around and even look at the scenery under my feet. It was so wonderful with the blue sky, the white clouds, the green pine trees and green grass everywhere. I even saw snow on the mountains even if it’s summer time here. Our planet is so gorgeous. If I didn’t take this gondola ride, I wouldn’t have a chance to enjoy this amazing nature from the new angel of view like this.


I also understood more about myself after the ride. I learned that it’s okay to be scared, to be uncomfortable, to be doubtful with myself, to have negative thoughts...but if I keep moving forward with just a small step, I can improve and be better in the next moments.