My story about WordPress

My story about WordPress - student project

When the economy went down in 2007/08, my business went dry too. I was offering custom programming to clients in Germany, and I had problems to get new projects. Money was tight for everybody and small companies (my typical customers) did not spend money on software projects any longer.

After enjoying the free time by watching a lot of movies and TV-series, taking long walks in the park and trying to relax, I got bored. I must say that I easily get bored very quickly, so I looked for new opportunities, not to earn money, but to do something useful and learning new skills in the process.

What about job portals?

At this time I discovered job portals like eLance and oDesk. I just took on some low price projects because most programmers who offer their service on these platforms came from countries where programmers are dirt cheap. So, I had to compete with programmers from India and Eastern Europe, who offered their skills for as little as $10 per hour.

But I wanted to do this just for the benefit of doing something new, so I specialized into WordPress and finished some smaller projects there. I found that most of my clients loved my professional work and the results that I delivered. So, I could raise my prices over time, and after about one year, I had built a steady income from these sources.

Who doesn't get bored over time?

Did I mention that I get bored with stuff pretty fast? Well, exactly this happens right now. After doing so many remote projects for WordPress clients, I want to start something new. With all my acquired experience with over 400 WordPress projects, I would like to help people to get their own WordPress site up and running.

This is the reason why I offer classes on SkillShare that focus on WordPress and how anybody can build their very own website for free. I hope that I can help people to get started with their business site or their personal blog that can be set up within a few hours.

Do you want to read lots of stuff?

I know from experience that nobody wants to study a subject for days, weeks or even month, just to set up a simple website. This is why I believe in short step-by-step instructions that give you instant success so that you can build an Internet presence that is easily expandable over time.

If you are also excited to get your first website started, check out my profile on SkillShare and start taking my classes.