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My son the pirate

I think I'm done.

Spent some time rendering in Photoshop trying out Matt's techniques. I think it could use some more contrast to make it look less muddy, but need a break from staring at it.

I've been working on the base colors in Photoshop, I decided to add a scarf thing wrapped around his waste and have it flowing behind his body to give the illustration more sense of motion/drama.

Here's what it looks like after all the shapes were created in Illustrator.

I owed my 7 year old son a drawing from Christmas, and he likes pretending he's a pirate so I decided to draw him in pirate mode. Here are the initial sketches I did on real paper.

Then I did more sketches in Photoshop.

And here's the final sketch. He also loves soccer, so I added that prop to the drawing.


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