My slacker habit | Skillshare Projects

Pamela Montero

Student / Industrial Desing



My slacker habit

1. What's a overall habit you want to create?

I want to become better at drawing :D

2. What is your slacker habit for that that habit? 

I'm going to do a little picture or doodle every day, for about 3 to 5 minutes. 

3. What is your sandwich? What will you do before and immediately after this slacker habit?

This will happen between I have lunch and before I use my computer.

4. What is your reward for doing this slacker habit? 

After doing this habit, I'm going to listen to my favorite band :) or find new music I like

5. How are you going to be accountable?

I'm gonna tell my friends and family about this slacker habit and hopefully they'll help me maintain this habit :) 


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