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Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator



My skillshare photography classes

First of all, I really love what you doing, Franki - promoting friendly atmosphere with instructors. 

I started teaching on Skillshare in January, taking the New Year Teachers challenge.

I teach photography and my approach is  - as if I was trying to teach a friend, who wants to improve or never been into photography and wants to learn, but don't know where to start.

Before that I never thought I can actually teach, especially in non-native language. And then I came across a class called Become a Creativepreneur: Find an Online Business Idea from Your Creative Talents by Kari Sayers =) 

We talked in the project section and she told me about the teachers challenge and really encouraged to participate. Since then I kept bugging her, how grateful I am =D I think she is an awesome teacher and person and her classes really deserve some love (the one on how to set up your blog on a budget was brilliant!)

Im not terribly productive, normally I post one class per month and find it extremely hard to just take a small portion of photography and make a bite sized class, so my first classes were like "everything I know about still life photography" or "anything I know about iPhone photography" =D

This summer I'm trying to go bite sized with my Travel photography series. That didn't go incredibly well in terms of number of students, but I'm stubborn and refuse to give up, especially because I know how much love and effort I put into them =) so with these classes I actually learned to promote exactly in a way you were discussing - asking friends and family and interacting with other teachers (although I have a lot of room for improvement in this area =) 

Also, recently I started adding a free enrolment link into my class description section for those of my students who are not on the premium membership. In the announcement on skillshare of a new class I also mention that free link is available in the description section. 

Ok I think I wrote more that class project asked, lol =D

So, thank you for your class and Ill be sure checking your other classes soon.



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