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My sis got engaged! And I'm broke!

So my brother and sister have birthdays a day apart on the 9th and 10th and I can usually get away with making a couple t shirts for my siblings but my sister decided to mix it up by getting engaged this year.

And I decided to take that mix and shake it vigorously by being kind of broke. Time to learn a new thing and try making some stuff. Hazaaa!

I knew I had our studio's plotter at our disposal and saw this class and I thought, hey, why not make a super sweet poster? My sis and her fiance (that sounds wierd) are a couple that's always out and about adventuring and I figured I could use some of their recent exploits for inspiration. Here is a pic of them and their adorableness:

After walking through professor davis's illustration steps I figured I'd try and find something that was fun that could be broken down pretty easily into bits and pieces. I knew my sister and her fiance had recently gone on a trip to mexico so I decided to start with some oaxacan wood carvings:

I took this guy and broke him into some basic shapes, ending up with this:

Afterwards I dropped my sister a text to discretely find out what things her and her fiance dug and pen-tooled out some sketches:

Things my sis loves:

Things her irish blooded fiance loves:

At this point I knew I wanted to do some sort of totem or symmetrical reflection but I couldn't figure out how to do it. I first tried to make a simple shape, use hypeShape with it and reflect it over the y axis, but wasn't ending up with anything sexy. Mostly just something like this:

Alas! This wasn't jivin so I thought I'd try some randomizing on a grid to see what could pop out and play around with my color pools and ended up with some pretty little mishmushes:

Afterwards, iterated on some colors and played around with stroke and was getting somewhere closer to where I wanted to end up:

I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to put onto paper still and that's when I ran into Shahib Amin's project, (link at the bottom) and was digging his use of kaleidoscoping so I figured, what the heck, lets put a few hours in and try out some nodebox and started working out some patterns:

first test:

and as I started getting the jib and jive of it:

(posted links to tutorials at the bottom) 

NOTE: For anyone trying to layout complex graphics on not so super mega machines, you're probably dealing with some heavy render times. A great work around I figured out is to make an outline of the shape, use it to layout the design, and then replace it with the original more complex shape. Something lika dis:


So I've got a few patterns, some a bit more complex than the others, but needed something to pull it all together. So I figured this was a good place for some hand craftin'. Hm, how about a little sealy majig?:

And babam, that was the cream that plotter sundae needed. After that, it was just a matter of laying it out and nailing the colors. NOTE: for people printing from a pdf, I had endless troubles when I started using any opacities or gradients at all and I had to resort to full 100% tones. If anybody has any solutions for printing opacities, holla at ya boy.

Here's a detail shot:

Gave it to the big sis and she dug it but, of course, all I can think about is the million more things to do with it. 

I finally got a chance to print it and show it to my sis during our thanksgiving beach week. She tots dug it:

Thoughts? Feedback? What ya thinking?

And those notes I promised:

Shahib Amin's project:

Nodebox Kaleidoscope tutorial:

Update: I've finally figured out Github and uploaded my project files here:


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