My simple trail

My simple trail - student project

So I was very excited to start my video but i had to face a lot of difficulties. This is my first time. I tried my best and here is me sharing the video I made. 

I decided to do a 1 minute recipe. 

So I first started with collecting my ingredients.

Then I set up my studio space. It was a tough one to get enough lighting. camera angles. I worked with only one POV. 

I started taking clips of my steps and pictures as i needed. 

I chose the set I am proud of.

I compiled it into a video. I triied but I had this wait to upload my videos and some errors were popping up. I struggled almost a day with it and finally soted to camtasia studio. Added in some effects too. 

I uploaded to youtube. and I hope you enjoy it. 

Biggest things I struggled with are:

1. Camera setings. Somehow I didn't get it right. I own a Canon basic model

2. It is always good to work with a friend. As I worked alone I used only one angle for my video

3. Should learn the tricks to make better videos and yes, a list of the shots required and the flow of shots. I did struggle there a bit.

Overall I am happy with my first video. 


Neha Th
Aspiring Blogger