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Crystal Jackson

you can call me cj



My short story pitches

The Big Dip

Unhappy with her life as a librarian, a middle aged woman decides she wishes she were a lifeguard.  When public funding ends for her library, she’s out of a job and decides to take the opportunity to be a lifeguard.  She realizes, however, through a series of events that she prefers swimming in words to swimming with sharks.

The Big Game

A bored little boy wishes he could go to a live baseball game with his father.  When his father suddenly passes away, however, he’s more determined than ever to go no matter what.  With only 1 month to the next baseball game in town, he must do everything he can to sell and coerce people to help him get to the big game, and, through a series of miracles, succeeds.

Salsa On the House

Unhappy with her cubicle job, a small scrawny young woman decides to pursue her dream to become a salsa dancer.  When she sees a help wanted ad to help a struggling dance studio out balancing their books with the trade off of learning how to dance on the house, she quits her job to sign up and has no idea that her whole life is about to change.


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