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My shifting map project

I've been really stuck on this for a while, it's just not coming out how I imagined. I never intended for it to be a purely factual map, I wanted it to be more of an artistic venture, but right now it's really neither. Any suggestions or feedback welcome!


I'm honestly still trying to decide exactly what I want my map to be. The other day I found myself thinking about some of the different, random places I know how to get to by heart without having to use a gps; my best friend's house that's an hour away, a favorite park that I would never have found if a coworker hadn't told me about it, the abandoned mental hospital in the middle of the county that I've taken pictures of more than once. That led me to another idea, to make a map of some of the awesomely abandoned and in many cases allegedly haunted places I've had way too much fun photographing. On the other hand I might decide tomorrow to go in a completely different direction :). With that in mind my answers are as follows:

Why am I making this map?

Whatever idea I end up deciding on, I'm going to be making this map for fun and learning.

Why am I the expert to create this map?

Both my ideas revolve around places that are special to me, something no one else would know so well.

Who is my target audience?

Since I do plan on mapping places that are personal, this map is going to be mostly for me and the few friends who might appreciate and understand it.

What level of detail do I need to include?

If I end up going with my first idea I might want to include all the highways and road names I've memorized that take me to the various locations. If I go with my second idea I wouldn't be going into the same level of detail since some of the places don't even have an address.

Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is it going to be used/ held? What other

constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward?

I'd like my project to be digital, but I'm very new to Illustrator so we'll see how that goes. I do plan on the map being horizontal, although the only real use I have in mind is having it printed and put on my wall if it turns out well enough. The main constraint I anticipate is making sure I can keep everything legible to be viewed on a computer screen, I know I found it a little difficult to read/see some of the details on the beautiful maps from the pinterest board.


I know I'm really behind here, but this is my hand drawn map. I used good old google maps to plot out the (approximate) locations and a route to get to all of them, although I'll probably stylize it more in my final map since it's not really meant to be completely factual. Or I might just plot out the main highways... What I really should be mapping is the Land of the Procrastinators, I guess I have my next project! :)



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