My second watercolour: A rose

My second watercolour: A rose - student project

Thanks Louise for this amazing class. Since I did the Giraffe tutorial first, I got used to having the reference foto on the screen as you did with the Giraffe´s face, and missed it a bit in this one. Nevertheless, a great tutorial.

I am already learning about the mistakes I made and looking forward to trying again. For example: I did not take care of the edges too much and had to correct a lot of them, otherwise they wouldn´t have looked the part!

Also, I need to ALWAYS wait until my paint is totally dry to re-wet it again: my paper is only 25% cotton and when I wet the paper with water, it dries in a matter of seconds... I am going to invest in the Arches 100% cotton paper, to have less stress when painting, seeing as I am decent at it and I want to learn more!


Thanks again and hugs from Spain :D