My search for style

My search for style - student project

I decided to join this class because my biggest problem was that I had no style. It almost seemed like every illustration I made was made by a different person. It was frustrating because it felt like I have no direction and therefore cannot progress. So I started with identifying which artists I like.

My search for style - image 1 - student projectMy search for style - image 2 - student projectMy search for style - image 3 - student project
After this, I started working on my own illustrations. Even during this process, pictures I drew looked nothing alike, they didn’t share any similarities in terms of the style. 
So I started the project all over again. The next round was better but still, I wasn’t happy... In the following weeks, my frustration was rising as I was drawing everyday, trying out different things, not being happy with the results and being desperate about no progress being made. Until one day, when I tried yet another way of drawing.


My search for style - image 4 - student project

My search for style - image 5 - student project
My search for style - image 6 - student project
My search for style - image 7 - student project
My search for style - image 8 - student project
When drawing these illustrations, I finally felt like I’m going the right direction, which would be creating colourful children’s book illustrations. I tried to use the same technique, textures, similar colour palettes and way of drawing. I know there is still so much to work on, but I’m just so happy I didn’t give up and finally, after weeks of practice, I feel like the work pays off.

I’m going to continue working on my style, but I wanted to share my progress because I feel like this class gave me so much. I started to be more aware of my lettering and switched from a font to my hand lettering which I now use in my comics. I’ve also become more aware of elements of style, what I can do to improve my illustrations, I improved my drawing process from brainstorming until adding the last details and I focused on choosing colours more mindfully. But most importantly, I feel joy when drawing again, and I’m  more confident and motivated to work on my goals.

Thank you, Tom, for this amazing class!