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My saying

My saying is

If you don't build your own dream

Someone will hire you to build theirs. 

I think I read it on Reddit a few days ago and I really like it, although i'm not sure who said it first. 

I did a few sketches of how I wanted to lay it out. I know I wanted to show a guy working at a computer doing a regular 9-5 looking miserable (basically like me everyday). And on the flip side I was thinking about using a happy desinger type looking satisfied drawing on a tablet. 

Here are some is a first sketch

For the first part of the saying I wanted to use objects like balloons, clouds, books, pencils, and a dreamer sleeping, to represent it. 

For the second part of the saying I wanted to use a clock, money, a stick figure running on a treadmill to represent the second line. 

Here is a second sketch. 

Sorry for it being really light. 

This is a better layout of how I want it to look. 

I have to work on the text a little more as it's my weak point. 

Here is a new sketch that I inked.. I like it but the lettering sucks... Grrr 


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