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My reaction

Thank you Linda and Neil even if I feel more depressive now after having watched your videos. It's only the beginning (I've started in June) but it's difficult to continue when it's becoming harder, especially for craft teachers as me. I don't want to create something common, I want to share my creative secrets that no one knows but it's easier to be successful with something trending... so I'll see what I will be able to do...

For the moment I'm trying to motivate my actual and future students, make them complete watching, review, post their project, make the projects easier to achieve (even if it was already the case for my newest class), post more discussions on my wall and continue using other means I've already tried. It will be hard... but I don't want to give up for the moment.

Marketing isn't something natural for me but I learn. And I want to believe that one day even without promotion people will appreciate what I do and enroll only for my creations.

Good luck in what you are doing!

If someone wants to join me and discover what I do, you are welcome! I'm always here to help too. Here's the link to my page where you can see all my classes:



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