My projects

My projects - student project

Project 10- Repeating wallpaper of cherry blossoms!

My projects - image 1 - student project


Project 9- Awesome Abstract Backgrounds (clockwise from top left: random thing I drew with the pencil tool, twelve pointed star, triangle,  two circles, flower (rounded 5 pointed star) and 5 pointed star. 

My projects - image 2 - student project





Project 8- liquid, solid, gas!My projects - image 3 - student project





Project 7- pet obesity. 

The idea was a cookie with a big cross through on a star with the colours of fur. 

My projects - image 4 - student project




Project 6- pink love in a pink love heart. 



My projects - image 5 - student project



Project 5-the doodles with the pencil tool, including- a hat for the pig, wings for the pig, a little fleur de lis for her head, a moustache, a city skyline and a denim necklace. 



My projects - image 6 - student project


Project 4- the owl (and the other images). 

My projects - image 7 - student project 



Project 3- Triangle. 

My projects - image 8 - student projectMy projects - image 9 - student project


Project 2- The swan wearing a cowboy hat. 
My projects - image 10 - student projectProject 1- simple animal- I (tried) to make a white bunny rabbit against a pink sky.