My project.


So, when I thought of what kind of concept I'd want to go with, I kind of decided to draw two of my original characters in a scene. With the concept of them traveling to a different planet, just to watch the sunset together.

My idea was, on the right, you'd see the planet they came from. So you could see how they got here. I wanted to fill the sky with a stylized version of clouds, to add some life. 

I decided to use a really vibrant, aesthetically pleasing (For me, I love saturation.) color pallet. This is my first real background, I've tried a bit before, but never successfully finished one. Usually it's just a flat colour, or a gradient. I'm super proud of myself for actually finishing something, and getting out of my head. 

Initially the planet they came from was much smaller, but I kind of wanted to make it seem like they could just jump down if they wanted, even though realistically, obviously not possible! 


This was the first sketch, basically just a 15 minute thing to map how I wanted it to look, and then I refined it in the next sketch. a437d7c0

I added some type of flat (mostly) mountains, to make it a little more interesting near the horizon, because I didn't want to have all flat water and sky. d0f5239e

Moving onto lineart, after watching this lesson that you did, I know I need to work on for sure. My lineart isn't very "expressive" albeit the art styles are also very different, so It's something I have to learn to work into my current style for sure. d5af4758

And then finishing, I definitely see things I could fix, but I didn't want to get so much into my head, that I didn't finish it. I'm glad that I just got it out there, rather than being extremely perfectionist about it. 

Recently, someone described a different piece I did as "Dreamy" so I kind of wanted to go on that again, and I love the idea. :)


In the end, thank you so much for your lesson. I wouldn't have been able to try this, or have been inspired if it wasn't for you. I've tried so many things, and nothing ever worked for me. The way you taught the lesson really helped me figure out what I wanted to do, and I found out.. I really love this stuff. It was so fun, usually it's a time rush for me, but I truly enjoyed every moment of drawing, and painting this. Thank you so much! 


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