My project - Extra lights

Dear Mariya, 

I can't thank you enough for your amazing classes! I always loved the way you captured still life and couldn't imagine that one day I will be spending hours on preps and playing with the light and composition to take my own still life pictures because this genre never worked for me. But now I have a feeling that there's a progress - and that's all because of you and your tips and tricks :) 

So, back to my project. I used my DSLR and the nifty fifty since my favourite 100 f/2 is being repaired. The only light I haven't tried was the  evening blue light, simply  because  most of the time I'm coming home too late to catch it. I used candles and Christmas lighs as extra lights and I must admit they do create some magic atmosphere and a very cozy feeling. Here's what I've got:

Tea and cookies after midnight: 


Morning tea, no extra lights


Morning tea with candles. I don't like the composition here to be honest but couldn't come up with anything better 


Ginger tea and Christmas lights


Thanks again and looking forward to completing all of your classes! xx


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