My project - Elena Sakopoulos

My project - Elena Sakopoulos - student project

LESSON 3: Sun in Cancer, Mars in Virgo

Looking at the Sun in Cancer, I know that this individual's sense of self, vitality, and ego relate to cardinal water. This is someone who is emotionally connected to others, wants to actively forge connections and satisfy their emotional needs through initiation. They lead, protect, and nurture others with their intuitive, nurturing spirit.

Mars in Virgo shows us that this individual's drive and method of getting things done relates to mutable earth. This is someone who is practical, methodical, but perhaps a bit scatter-brained. Their mutable energy makes them very flexible in how they solve problems, and they are likely detail-oriented and critical as they work and build.


LESSON 4: Sun in Cancer in 8th house, Mars in Virgo in 10th house

Sun in the 8th house means that this person will have lots of experiences with secrets, things that are taboo or hidden, the occult, or other people's money. Though their Cancer Sun makes them a caring nurturer, they are likely to do most of this caring privately and may have issues with public intimacy. They are a great secret keeper and people go to them for advice, to share about challenging situations, or to do their dirty work.

Mars in the 10th means that this person is likely very career-oriented. Their goals and ambitions all tie back to their work and their public image. Their analytical, practical Virgo nature makes them careful, methodical, and perhaps a bit anxious at work.


LESSON 6: Sun in Cancer opposite Uranus & Neptune in Capricorn

This person's ego and sense of self are at odds with the energy of Uranus and Neptune. This is probably someone who changes frequently and has a mysterious sort of air to them. Who they are is unclear to other people and they have trouble clearly expressing who they are to the outside world. Capricorn is practical and material, while Cancer is emotional and spiritual, and they may have a hard time sharing their goals and desires in a way that is tangible to others. They are likely highly creative and get downloads of creativity from sudden flashes of insight; however, they may not always know how to use this creative inspiration in a way that feel rights or fully expressive of who they are.


LESSON 7: Chiron in Leo

Though we discovered in the last lesson that this is a very creative person, they are likely very insecure about their creativity. Leo is all about passions, ideas, putting them and the self into the center of attention, but with Chiron in that sign, they probably never feel as though their ideas are worth sharing. This is someone who holds themselves back from sharing their creative endeavors with the world, but encourages others to do so. This could be an artistic muse, a passionate life coach, or even someone who tells others to "follow their dreams" while struggling to do so themselves.


LESSON 8: Saturn at 29* Aquarius, Moon at 0* Pisces

With Saturn at 29* of Aquarius, we know that this is going to be a very strong planet in this chart. This person's energy is highly Saturnian, and they may be melancholy, overly serious, and very disciplined. They may encounter lots of setbacks while they work towards their goals and will experience some emotional pain as a result, especially with Saturn conjoining the Moon at 0* Pisces. With a 0* Moon, this is someone who may not be very in tune with their emotions and who has trouble expressing them. They may feel as though their emotional needs are not valid and have trouble self-soothing, preferring to lean on Saturn (work hard, keep pushing through the pain) when times get tough. This shapes the individual to be highly successful, emotionally self-contained, and productive, though it may come at the expense of their ultimate happiness.


LESSON 9: Uranus in the 6th house

Uranus just entered this person's 6th house likely a few months ago, and they are beginning to experience all sorts of changes and instability in their health, routine, and everyday life. This person may have just started a job or changed the way that they get things done at work. Perhaps they're starting to go to the gym or wake up early for the first time, or maybe they are developing some new, mysterious illness that will kick their fitness into gear.

Elena Sakopoulos
Chicago-based astrologer