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Sarah Austin

Watercolour beginner



My progress

Back in high school I dabbled in watercolours and other art mediums, but seemed to drift away from it all once I hit college, and now I'm a few years out of school and have been wanting to get back into watercolours for ages but didn't know where to start - and I finally found where with Ana's online classes! They're EXACTLY what I was after, and I'm not only having so much fun, but also learning and slowly getting better :) 

Here is my beginning, I still have a long way to go with both gradients and mixing colours and especially my precision! 


My monochrome activity - I'm pretty proud that I drew a flower! I'm not a great drawer! 


My jellyfish acvitity - I had SO MUCH fun doing this!


And I just had to add some gold into it! Again, still a long way to go with my precision :P 


Can't wait to have a go at the galaxy project :) I haven't quite finished my experimental circles yet! Waiting on some new products to come in the mail :D 

The beginning of my galaxy!


Just had to add some gold!


Not overly happy with the results, but it's a lot better than any attempt I would've made without doing this course! I look so forward to new projects :) 



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