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My progress in watercolor painting


so I started with a monochrome activity - I chose black. These are forest spirits inspired by movies of Hayao Miyazaki. It is very difficult for me to be precise - I have problems with thin lines (although I practice).




Jellyfish were a challenge for me. I really wanted to make dark background (darkness in the ocean). First I made darker areas around, I left the middle blank. Then I painted jellyfish in the middle. And after that I covered whole paper with lighter blue - it was quite risky and I lost some tentacles but I added some of them again with white guache as well as other details. My hands were shaking terribly when drawing tentacles.


I also took a picture from the process this time - I've never had such a pink water:)




I finally finished my "galaxy". It should be a polar night sky with siberian shaman:) I tried to use here everything I learned during this class.



This was so far the best class I enrolled here on Skillshare. Few weeks ago I wouldn't believe that I am capable of painting these.

Ana Victoria, thank you so much!!


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