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My progress in practice

1-21-14 update:

I tried a section of a picture I wanted to do, a window with a brick wall etc.(photo below). Then I took your advice Angela and tried some designs without the masking fluid. Below is a photo of the one I liked the best which has permanent ink outlines. I liked the idea of letting the colors blend on the paper, instead of mixing them first, so I used pen to draw my design and painted with some wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry; some blends on paper and others pre-mixed for the subtle areas. I plan to do another one to see where this idea goes. (pictures below).

1-19-14 Update

Below are four of my designs, w/c color studies:

top left: winsor blue, cadnium orange

top right:  alizarin crimson, viridian

bottom left:  alizarin crimson, viridian, turquoise

bottom right: alizarin crimson, viridian, turquoise, perm green light

I used liquid mask after I penciled in my design. You my notice bottom left still had the mask on it when I took the photo.  Also I used Arches #140 paper - which really made a difference. Also, I didn't rub the brush so much as before and tried to mix my colors with a little more intensity. It was fun exercise.

Seems like I need a little more contrast?  Also, I like practicing with a mix of compliments etc., but also need to learn how to incorporate other colors in a picture that wouldn't necessarily use only 2 or 3 colors.  Still a lot to learn.

1-18-14:  Update

I have been watching You-Tube from different people about watercolor. Also thinking very much about exactly what I would like to paint. I have a box of different photos I've torn from magazines and some photos I've taken.  I went through them and put aside the ones that caught my attention - they mostly were of structures, stone buildings, old homes, log cabins, clotheslines, things like that.  Some people interested me, but I will wait on them for a while.  So, I'm going to concentrate on buildings, odd, nostalgic, homes where you wonder who lived there, etc.  So, I'm off to my new adventure - wish me luck in PRACTICE!!!! 

Also, I think I'm supposed to post at the top of the project on each edit - is this correct? 

I bought some Arches 140# w/c paper. Tonight I tried these two flowers very loosely, Debbie Flowers, I'll call them. A definite difference from the other two projects I tried. 

Tomorrow I will start a sketch of a photo I took of a building front/sidewalk in Pittsboro. 


I picked this photo from 4 choices. I have painted previously but mostly abstract and vase pictures.  Also, I am a rather "tight" or detailed painter, so loosely painting watercolors will be a real challenge.  I represents somewhere I would like to spend some creative time, or maybe even live - maybe with some mountains in the background.

I just joined the class and have not had time to view the projects and all the videos. But I am looking forward to any help and comments anyone has to offer.  Mostly, getting the inspiration from others is what I am looking forward to very much. 

Also, I need to work on perspective of the cabin especially.  It's far from what I want to accomplish - but as a beginner, I don't want to lose hope! I will post my progress and hopefully there will be improvement each time. 

This is my first try - just splashed in color, no mixing, trying to stay loose.

This is my second start - I penciled in the picture and lightly applied colors. Next I will work on a few details. I still haven't obtained the feeling I want but I'm practicing, hopefully to improve. 

1/18/14: Vases #1

I had a pretty difficult time trying to make my cabin picture look good - I have never been able to paint "reality" really. So, I decided to start on a vase picture like ones I've done with oil and pastels, just to try to learn watercolors.  The first picture is rather flat; in the second I tried to add some darker values and saw that the design was not good. Since I'm learning, I thought - okay well just learn to fix maybe.  So, I added the brown vases, and more contrast in the last picture.  Not too bad.

I think I want to work a little smaller. I am using Strathmore #140 pad, 9x12. I will divide the sheet down the middle. Also I forget to put a border for matting (if they ever get good enough for mats).


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