My procrastination

My procrastination - student project

Thanks so much for posting this class, I really needed this. I procrastinate because I am a perfectionist and I am bombarded with too much information so I over analyze things. I get nothing done. I realize how much time i have wasted. I need to stop this right away. I watch your video twice. 

So, I decided to put some of your suggestions into practice. I am writing lists to limit my options to make things easier for myself and to save time. I am using a timer to complete tasks and to be mindful of how i use my time,  I use sticky notes to remind myself of things I need to put limits on and reminders to keep me on track. I have my own business which is new so I need to constantly do things that are mundane but necessary so i use the sticky notes to remind of those things. I am trying to limit my social media time to a certain window and not be on there for hours at a time. It is challenging but i know I need to make these changes to be successful. You gave me so much good information to use. Thank you so much!!!!