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My poster


For this exercise I chose to reproduce the "Take the Scenic Route! Natural Wonders of the South American Tepui" poster (from the Pixar film Up) by Eric Tan (see below).


And this is my version! I didn't have quite enough time to play with textures too much (especially the aged paper one! Shame!) and it's also a shame I couldn't find the exact same font but apart from that I am quite pleased with the result.

I know, I know, the colour doesn't seem quite right but I added a brown-ish layer with grain on top to replace the paper effect that I didn't have time to find and it changed my colours a bit... Ah well. I'll improve it some other time!


All in all, that was a great class project! I have been teaching myself how to use Illustrator and this class really helped me refine my knowledge and gain some new skills. Thanks a million for all the keyboard shortcuts too Brad!

I am really glad I took the time to do the practice!


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