My poem



I run, from myself

From my brain 

From everything I know


Too much to bear

Overload, exhaustion 

No space to grow 


I need a way

A new path to walk 

New seedlings to sow 


I embrace the dark 

Chase the demons away 

Keep within a minimum blow


I needed escape 

In any way that I could 

And through writing I glow 


Stop fighting, stop running 

I'm safe to be me 

Baby steps, take it slow 


I got this, I have 

Affirmations, my friend

Keep on going, the end isn't so. 


- Yvonne Thomson 



This is not what my intention was at first. I have written a lot of poetry but none like this. I just went with it. I had an argument in my head about what people will think or I was in "editor" mode but having done the meditation beforehand I was able to quieten those voices and just carry on until I felt satisfied I was done. I'm not sure if it even classes as poetry anymore , so many different types and ideas or guidance. I have this thing that I'm trying where I tell myself there are no rules. Just write what I have in my head and sort it out later. Sometimes the raw, 'messy' work is actually better than the 'edited' version so I'm trying to be as fluid as possible. I've blocked myself so many times and been unable to write anything as I put too much pressure on myself on how it should look, if people will like it, if I can even write anyway.. self doubt is a dangerous game and I won't play anymore. I'm taking everything seriously and really making an effort to have fun and remain proud of my progress along the way. 


I found it relatively easy to write today as I had words bubbling away under the surface. Never before did I understand why meditation before writing was so important. I was able to flow so much easier and think more/criticise myself less. 


Thank you for your helpful, subtle push to share the poem as I probably wouldn't have done. This is part of the growth and I would really like to keep learning.