Adriana Colourpiano

designer and illustrator



My plan

1. Home Base

  • Portraits, faces. I have been drawing faces since I was a teen… it’s what I doodle. A 3/4 front view. And I can try different styles very well with that base.

2. Goals

  • I want to stop drawing to realistically, looking at pictures, and start drawing more expressively, a bit like Egon Schiele or Tanya Ling… I will draw portraits and figures to get there. 
  • A am a bit lofty… I want to do many things… one goal at a time, that’s my new motto. 
  • I want to paint with acrylics or with oil… what looks more painterly and brushy… I only know those techniques a bit, I need to improve
  • I also should keep doing textile prints. I don’t want to do more flowers.. I want to explore painterly geometrical prints…  
  • I want to do a calendar of food, to know the fruits and veggies of each season.
  • And I could keep going, but no more goals for now… 

3. Be Consistent

  • I started to wake up earlier… and it’s great! Well I can’t draw on the iPad ‘cause my eyes hurt, but I can draw on paper. I draw one hour from 6 to 7am, then I get ready and go to work. All day feels better. On the weekends I can draw in the afternoon, and it’s not so difficult to sit and do it, because I have already started during the week, so I feel more inclined to draw more.
  • I keep checking my computer, in order to have a picture or a model… and then I get distracted in another window…. Or I keep plugged to have music… but then I get distracted. I should turn off the computer. 


  • Honesty:

- Allowing drawings to be imperfect and with mistakes. I don’t have to be realistic and pre-sketch so much. That realistic perfection is ego and insecurity. Just have fun drawing! Have fun again, like it used to be. Not suffering about being good. 

  • Sacrifices:

- keep waking up to draw in the morning. Go to sleep early too.

  • Healthy:

- Now I can have a healthy relationship with my art, because I don’t rely on it to make a living. I do have a creative job, but it’s not solely based on my artistic skills, and now I have stability. All I need is to keep drawing, never give up, not even when I have kids… 

-If my art is not perfect doesn’t mean I am crap. Just keep working.

-Don’t draw to have likes on social media… I don’t need appraisal. 

-Don’t be anchored or tied to what I used to draw… I don’t have to prove anything.

-Forget about what some people can say.

5. Moods

Sometimes my mood is ugly. I don’t know what to draw, I draw everything badly, I keep questioning myself, my art, the way I do it, what I did and what I do, why am I not great and famous, what went wrong… and I keep starting all over again a new goal… then the urge to do some final drawing and just do whatever. 

I care too much for being perfect, really good, success… I have done some good stuff, I should be ok with that, and then just draw for me, not for anyone or anything or to gain something… just for me. 

6. Observation

Put my drawings and sketches in the wall. 

Listen: “Hey that’s stiff. Bloody turn off the computer and sit do something fresh”.

I write a diary before going to sleep (yes, like a pre-teen but about health and art).

7. Session

-Spend 50% of painting time to experimenting on drawing style in portraits. Sketch, draw, learn techniques, testing a different technique in another kind of paper.  Do oil painting.

Art Chart:

1. Goals are written down & hanging over my cork board

2. Monitor my progress monthly to stay on track


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