Sibylle Zemp

Information Architect



My plan for the next 3 months

Here are my goals and actions for the next 3 months:

- Lose 5 kilos
- Stick to my 90 day Kundalini Yoga Kriya for weight loss and build up to the requested duration of 11 minutes for each asana
- Skip sodas
- Reactivate my fitbit making around 20k steps per day
- Trying a new recipe for Shirataki noodles each week
- Preparing my lunchbox at least once a week and choosing the healthiest option in the canteen for the rest of the week
- Drinking green tea and bamboo tea daily
- Take my raspberry ketone and green tea supplements daily
- Making my boyfriend use his home cavitation machine once a week on me ;-P
Of course this is just the kick-off for a larger goal. I just try to split it into mini projects.
Unfortunately I gained some weight in the short term and realized, that reaching 20k steps per day is easier when you're on a project in a different city (Vienna) and staying in a hotel then at home with my boyfriend.
But I stick to all the other actions and check what I can reach in the future. On top I bought a Fitbit Aria scale. Together with MyFitnessPal I now track my daily calories and my weight, therefore I am now a bit stricter than I planned in the first place.
And finally I understand how Fitocracy works. \o/


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