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My pitches

I only have two ideas so far.


Is about a young man Evan (early 20s) whos going through a tough time.  Just lost his job and is in endager of losing the love of his life.  Trying to hide the fact that hes going through a tough time goes over to his friend Nicks house to help him finish up the nursery, since his wife has been on his case about it.  As Evan arrives to Nicks house he covers up his emotions with false information on how he is doing.  After he leaves Nicks house Evan returns to his apartment which he finds an eviction notice hanging on his door.  With the eviction added to his list of struggles, Evan decides to try and take his life that night.  With his failed attempt he wakes up the next day to the fact that he has to leave his apartment.  With that in mind he arrives to Nicks house with a laundry basket full of clothes.  Getting rejected Evan goes to his last option, which is going back home to his mom and abusive dads house.  The next morning after his mother leaves to go to work, Evan decides that this is the last straw.  With gun in hand Evan gets ready to pull the trigger but gets interrupted with a text from his girlfriend saying she is pregnant.

SECOND IDEA (more of a personal experience)

A young man takes his usual walk home from his friends house, in which on this one day he is jumped by a group of guys near his house.  After this incident every time he walks back home from his friends house he decides to take the longer way home.  While he takes the longer way home there are people who are jogging by him and walking their dogs.  Terrified every time he sees someone or someone goes by him.  After a few times taking the long way home he eventually builds up the courage to walk the shorter way home and as he gets near the same spot he got jumped the same group of people who jumped him are spotted.


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