My pirat logo "Black sea"

I'm a fan of vector graphics, especially love all sorts of vintage posters, logos, inscriptions. I draw and try to sell on microstock.
It has long dreamed of learning lettering, but in our country it is not taught anywhere, or it is very expensive.
My colleagues advised me Skillshare and then I found the video course by Nicolas. These lessons inspired me very much and I was able to realize some  ideas on the lettering.


Just like the pirate logo.


I know good illustrator and I have a graphics tablet, so I did not use tracing paper, but simply painted over the pencil sketch on new layers in Illustrator.


Textures I did photographing splashes and scratches with real samples, and then tracing in Illustrator.


Now you can appreciate what I did.


Many thanks to Nicolas for the inspiration!
Sorry for my english.


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